This is the minimum as per the gathered data in the salary survey not the minimum hourly rate mandated by law. A Master’s degree program or any post-graduate program in Pakistan costs anywhere from 410,000 PKR to 1,230,000 PKR and lasts approximately two years. That is quite an investment.You can’t really expect any salary increases during the study period, assuming you already have a job.

This is why developers around the world consider learning and including JavaScript in their resume as a key to their careers. The point is that JavaScript is closely tied to client-side software development, which is crucial when it comes to grabbing the users’ attention and converting them into clients. It’s hard to overestimate this language also from a server-side perspective, where Node.js as a JavaScript runtime environment is a great fit. Given all the above, it’s easy to assume why JavaScript developers in Ukraine are in great demand. They are able to successfully cover a wide range of issues related to the development of state-of-the-art software solutions.

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It’s worth mentioning here that there are also other frameworks based on JavaScript, for example, Node.js. An average Node.js developer salary starts at $76k annually in the US. Based on 10,000 salaries, estimates the average annual JavaScript developer salary at £50,000, or £4167 a month.

average javascript developer salary

Eastern Europe has long been a popular region for employers from the high wage economies of Western Europe and North America to recruit remote software developers and other IT specialists. The region has large numbers of qualified professionals and, at least from Western Europe, offers convenient travel logistics and time zone compatibility. However, JavaScript developer salaries in the UK can reach as much as a little over £90,000 a year or £7500 a month for senior roles.

JavaScript Developer Salary vs Other Technologies

In the United States, the average JavaScript developer salary comes to around $96,003 per year. This salary usually ranges between $60k/yr and $156k/yr, although it does vary further based on experience and other factor. A junior JavaScript developer earns around $79,415/yr and a senior developer earns about $118,318/yr. Checking out all the available options in Ukraine, we noted that the Javascript developer salary is about $16,000 per year. The salary ranges enormously starting with $300 and up to $2,000 per month.

Their ability to pay highly skilled developers makes them quite lucrative for people to join them. JS, the most commonly used programming language, makes it a preferential programming language. In Germany, German Tech Jobs reckons that a JavaScript Developer earns, on average, €60k. However, most of the salaries that are reported to them range between €45 and €75k per annum. They estimate that exactly 50% of JavaScript developers earn more than €60k, and 50% earn less. ZipRecruiter provides the highest average salary of an Angular.js developer which stands at $120,829 per year.

Swedish JavaScript Developer Salaries

Typically these developers work on the frontend, supported closely by backend developers and other frontend developers who specialize in markup and styling. You can learn all about the difference between frontend and backend development in this guide. Together with HTML and CSS, JavaScript is one of the cornerstone technologies of the web. In very simplistic terms, it is a programming language used to add interactivity to a webpage. The average full-stack developer salary is Rs 599,995 in India. The average frontend developer’s salary is Rs 475,885 in India.

average javascript developer salary

Sophisticatedly created front-end applications bring more traffic and increases the reach. Technologies like Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning models could become more accessible as will ML and AI. It is an indication for more requirements of web-developer and JavaScript developers to give life to these big ideas, to adding functionality to a platform with which the user could interact. These skilled frontend developers are involved in all stages of integrating functionality, from conception through to final testing. So, the developers have various paths in front of them which they can choose based on their skill sets.

Are JavaScript developers in demand?

To gain a better overview of what a career as a JavaScript developer entails, let’s consider some real-world job descriptions. Nurture your inner tech pro with personalized guidance from not one, but two industry experts. They’ll provide feedback, support, and advice as you build your new career.

  • She also has an MSc in Psychology from the University of Westminster.
  • According to their report, 53.6% of employers worldwide say they need JavaScript skills, yet only 42% of student developers say they are proficient in the language.
  • By 2025, the average wage level is expected to grow by 11% to $100k (€84k) instead of $90k (€76k).
  • We’ve found that most have heard a lot about Angular and React, but not many about Vue.
  • The jobs portal estimates the average JavaScript developer salary in the UK to be £58,900 a year or £4170 a month, rising to £69,545 a year or £4924 a month in London.

Vue.js developer salary in Germany is the highest in comparison to other JS frameworks and reaches $63,982. Israel is among one of the best-paid countries for JavaScript developers. With the rise of JavaScript, the demand for JavaScript developers is growing at a blistering pace. Since 1995, JS has become one of the top three programming languages used in the development of mobile, desktop, and web software solutions and websites. With the help of PayScale’s salary data, we’ve put together a snapshot of average JavaScript developer salaries in the United States based on years of experience.

JavaScript Developer Salary in South America

All salary and compensation figures displayed here are gross salary figures, that is the salary before tax deductions. Because taxes may differ across sectors and locations, it is difficult to accurately calculate the net salary after tax for every career. Top management personnel and senior employees naturally exhibit javascript developer salaries higher bonus rates and frequencies than juniors. This is very predictable due to the inherent responsibilities of being higher in the hierarchy. People in top positions can easily get double or triple bonus rates than employees down the pyramid. Not all compensation increases are reflected directly in the salary.

average javascript developer salary

This stands true especially when we consider that a JavaScript developer’s salary in India is directly or indirectly dependent on how skilled, experienced, and updated they are. Also, Javascript has become one of the important parts of the developer’s world. As the developers utilize this to integrate more interactiveness and complexity into their website.

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JavaScript is supported by all modern web browsers and employed by the majority of websites. No wonder that according to Stack Overflow’s 2019 report, JavaScript remains the most commonly used programming language for the sixth year in a row. You had better believe that this massive popularity affects an average JavaScript developer salary. What is more, our own data suggests that 70% of companies globally want to hire a JavaScript developer.